Corporate Team Building

Corporate Teams:

Small businesses to large corporations, here is the opportunity you have been waiting for.  Step outside your workday cubicles and in to our real life team building experience.  Our themed escape rooms will tests your staff’s ability to problem solve, actively listen, brainstorm, analyze, gather information, manage time, identify leaders, communicate productively, take risks, accept failures, trust others, prioritize tasks and evaluate their successes.

These services are available upon special request at an additional cost when booking. Escape West Chester offers daytime hours, Monday through Friday outside of their regular business hours for corporate events. Please call 484-266-7118 or email to book your team building escape adventure now.

Before or After Escape Ideas:

If you are looking for a place to eat or meet before or after your team building escape, we have many options for you in town (within walking distance). Please contact them directly for inquiries and reservations.

Looking for lunch or dinner:
Barnaby’s of W.C.: Contact Jim 610-696-1400 (lg. group discounts)
Mas Cantina: Contact Joanne 610-952-2070 • 102 E. Market St. (lg. group discounts)
Saloon 151: 610-701-8489 • 151 West Gay Street
Mercato Italian Restaurant & Bar: 610-701-6326 • 33 West Market Street
Lorenzo’s Pizza: 484-999-8756 • 27 North High Street

Looking for a special treat:
Kiwi Frozen Yogurt: 484-266-0887 • 22 South High Street
Dia Doce Gourmet Cupcakes: 610-476-5684 • 100 South High Street
Gemelli Gelato & Dessert Café: 484-557-8482 • 12 Market Street
Baked Cookies: 32 South High Street (no seating/walk-in only)

Additional Services:

Escape West Chester is partnering with Corporate Escapes in an effort to expand our services beyond the walls of the escape rooms. Together we will offer businesses the opportunity to participate in temperament/personality testing based on extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, emotional stability and openness. After observing your staff’s participation and behaviors in the escape room, we will identify dominant characteristic traits, teams strengths, weaknesses and differences within your staff. In conclusion, you will receive a comprehensive analysis of your teams’ communication, teamwork, and individual performances at Escape West Chester.

Contact to book your special event.