Tara and Eric Harkins privately own Escape West Chester. It is not a franchise and they strongly believe in the philosophy and values created and emphasized by small local business. They took over Escape West Chester in February 2018 from its original owners, who Tara worked closely with as not only an employee but as a friend as well. When presented the opportunity, they knew Tara’s pride and love for the business made the purchase a no-brainer. Together, Tara and Eric hope to grow the business through partnerships, fundraising, and continued development of entertainment experiences.

Mission Statement:

Escape West Chester is dedicated to creating, introducing and providing a new “fun” intellectual team building experience to the businesses of the borough of West Chester and surrounding areas. Our escape rooms emphasize building trust and self-esteem, sharing ideas and knowledge, communication and listening skills, leadership, problem solving and risk taking. Escape West Chester provides businesses, families, students, teams and friends an opportunity to intellectually and socially challenge themselves in dynamic themed rooms with a common goal to escape given one hour.